Find Out How You Can
Support Your Brain to Reclaim Your "Happy"...
Even Though It's 2020

* If you are feeling blue or blah like nothing really matters,

*Unmotivated to exercise or get projects done while everyone else is building backyard tiny homes or purging all their closets,

*Unfocused and inattentive, forgetting simple things and feeling like you are losing your mind on occasion,

*Having to drag yourself out of bed in the morning or take a nap in the afternoon,

*Feeling achy and stiff wondering why you feel like you are 100 years old,

*Drinking too much and eating alllllll the wrong foods,

*Having stomach problems, constipation or GERD...

 Please join me on October 20th at 11 am.

I've Connected All the Dots for You to Take More Control of Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health & Vitality

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Tuesday,October 20th

11:00 am -12:00 Noon PST

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You will have time to ask questions & Get answers LIVE.

Hear from others and realize you are not the only one who might be feeling blah.

Discover WHY you may be feeling tired, inattentive, unmotivated and down even if your life is good.


Amy St. Hilaire, MA

Amy helps people transform their lives by upgrading their brains to be wired for success and happiness.

Amy has been helping people reclaim their innate healing power for the past 22 years as a Therapist and Mindset Transformation Coach.

Amy also trains therapists in neuroscience-based mind body healing methods and complete trauma resolution.

Amy is the Founder of 
Here is What some Past Attendees are Saying  :)
Discover the Little-Known Connection between Low Mood, Inattention, Procrastination, Memory Issues, Chronic Pain and Fatigue AND DOPAMINE and See How YOU Can Turn it Around Within Days
Re-Focus Your Brain
If you have ever tried unsuccessfully to medicate or meditate away the distraction and difficulty focusing that keeps you from reaching your full potential, you will learn the simple steps you can take to reclaim focus and consistency.

Reclaim your Vitality
If you have been having a terrible time getting out of bed, can't find the energy to exercise or are so sleepy in the afternoon that you need to take a nap, I can show you how to reclaim your motivation to stay fit & your energy to go all day long...and NOT fall asleep 5 minutes into family movie night ;)
Restore Your Wellbeing
If you have recurring depression, seasonal affective disorder, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, what I will teach you will help you be able to finally enjoy your life without any major overhaul.
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